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About Park Avenue BBQ Grille

Did Somebody Say Barbeque?

At PA BBQ, we hear you. Loud and clear. Since 1988 it has been our passion to serve our customers only the very best barbecue available. We are proud of the fact that we have made a lot of friends over the years, grown business beyond our wildest dreams and in the process learned a few things about making great BBQ.

Lesson 1: Never Use Frozen Ribs. This may be obvious to most of our customers but not our competition! Our ribs are delivered to our restaurants Fresh – Never Frozen! The reason is simple – fresh ribs taste better.

Lesson 2: All Ribs Are Not Created Equal. We begin with only the finest, the very finest pork from Premium Standard Farms® own unique, custom breed. This all natural, grain fed, USDA process verified 100% domestically grown pork is so good that they call it "America’s Premium Pork™."

premium farms

Lesson 3: If It Ain’t Smoked, It Ain’t BBQ. Our ribs are smoked with real hickory in custom developed smokers at each of our PA BBQ restaurants.

Lesson 4: We’re Always Cookin’! We smoke ribs everyday, all day - not just once a week! Once they’ve been slow-cooked for hours in our custom smokers, we serve up generous portions with a heaping helping of PA hospitality.

At PA BBQ or mission is
"To Improve our customers lives with High Quality BBQ."

When you visit one of our locations you will notice a few of the things that have made us a 20-year overnight success.

We are proud to offer our customers clean, spacious, family friendly settings to enjoy some serious BBQ. The décor in each of our BBQ’s is dedicated to the local history of the town that restaurant is in. Not just pictures of the the buildings but the people who made a difference in the history of that town. If they happen to have a little sauce on them – so much the better.

Our Menu

When you visit one of our restaurants, we feel that it is our duty to try and talk you into one of our BBQ specialties. We should, we really try hard to ensure that our BBQ meals are second to none. One of our little secrets is that all of our other menu items are just as good and fresh as our BBQ. We never get tired of talking about the reasons why our BBQ is superior; the great fresh pork, the custom designed smokers, our custom char grilles. All of these things make us different than our competition, but they are not the reason you will become a fan of our BBQ. Simply put our people make us better.

MAYBE we have sauce in our veins.

PA BBQ was founded by Dean Lavallee in 1988 on Park Avenue in the little Florida town of Lake Park. The promise to the customer was simple. We will serve you the best BBQ ever made. That’s a pretty lofty goal for a Floridian.

Here’s how we did it...
We broke all the rules, and we are steadfast in the belief that no matter how good our BBQ is we can make it better! We started with the simplest idea of all. Better people equal better BBQ.

When you visit any of our restaurants you should be able to spot our competitive advantage – an owner who is really passionate about the quality of your BBQ.

Winner of 2008 AOL’s City’s
Best BBQ in South Florida

Winner of 2008 AOL’s City’s Best BBQ in South Florida


Winner of 2008 WPBF’s A-List Best Barbeque

Winner of 2008 WPBF’s A-List Best   Barbeque


Park Avenue BBQ & Grille is very proud to have been voted the finest BBQ in Palm Beach County by the readers of The Palm Beach Post for two
(2) years in a row.


National Restaurant Association


Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association


North Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce


Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches